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If you've ever dreamt of owning a totally personalised Daisy in Dots piece, then this is your opportunity! Commission spaces are highly sought after and extremely rare so you'll have to be quick to secure your spot!!

When you commission a painting by Daisy, you receive an intuitively channelled, carefully designed, and visioned original artwork.

Daisy takes time to discuss the vision, meaning, story and essence behind the painting with you before commencing the project. You will discuss the piece's colours, size and theme, and then Daisy will paint your piece for you.

Each artwork includes a card that Daisy uses to wipe her dotting stick during the creation process, with the meaning and story behind the art piece written on it. 

*If spaces are sold out, add your email address in the Newsletter box at the bottom of the page to be the first to know when new spaces are released!

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