Daisy collaborated with Leanne Baker Daily (LBD) in 2022 and 2023. Her artworks featured on the cover of LBD's Signature Daily, Weekly and Teacher Planners.

Collaborating with Daisy has been an incredible blessing to our community. It has started many important conversations amongst our customers, and has introduced designs that are truly meaningful and one of a kind. Daisy's work has a profound impact on people. We are humbled to have the opportunity to work alongside her.

Leanne Baker

Founder & CEO Leanne Baker Daily


The 'A Time to Gather' handbag and 'Mirror to the Sky' scarf drew on the elements from Daisy's original artwork which took over 30 hours to paint, and represents a journey of survival, self discovery, growth and revival.

Days of painstaking work went into digitising Daisy's original artwork to ensure the texture and colours remained true to Daisy's original 'Walkabout' artwork.

100% of profits from the sales of this bag and scarf were donated to Children's Ground, a community-led organisation that's working to create a future of justice and opportunity for First Nations children.

Working on a design collaboration with Daisy was amazing! Daisy is super creative, highly organised and was committed to delivering an incredible partnership with us from start to finish. We had the privilege of hosting an event with Daisy to celebrate the collaboration launch. Daisy's passion, storytelling and warm, engaging personality made the event truly memorable. We appreciated her attention to detail, flexibility and support throughout every step of the process.... not to mention that she's just an amazing human!

Sammi Sked

Marketing Manager for Status Anxiety


The Styling You The Label X Daisy In Dots collection comprised of six incredible pieces each featuring Daisy's original "Women on Country" artwork to culminate in truly wearable art!

This collaboration represents a partnership that was intentional and inclusive in all aspects. 

All proceeds from the sale of limited-edition square scarves and the Women on Country artwork were donated to the Stars Foundation, an organisation that offers a holistic program that supports Indigenous girls and young women to attend and remain engaged at school, complete Year 12 and move into work or further study.

I first connected with Daisy through her art, buying beautiful prints for my home and office. There is something about Daisy's work that just speaks to me on a deeper level than what might initially be seen. With the Styling You The Label X Daisy In Dots Women on Country collection, I wanted to create more than just a beautiful print for our customers. I initially reached out to Daisy about a possible print collaboration with the initial intent of honouring her art and her connections to her ancestors. But the collaboration achieved so much more. Collaborating with Daisy also gave me the opportunity to help spotlight Aboriginal culture through the clothes her art would appear on. Our customers shared stories of being stopped in the supermarket or at an event to be asked about what they were wearing. Each person wearing a piece from the collection sparked much-needed and welcome conversations. In creating these wearable art pieces, the collaboration was also able to support the Stars Foundation, which supports Indigenous girls and young women to remain engaged at school. Styling You The Label is more than just the clothes it designs for its customers. We have key core values of supporting, uplifting and valuing women. Our collaboration with Daisy in Dots added a deeper positive dimension to those core values, of which we are proud.

Nikki Parkinson

Designer, Styling You The Label


The CONNECTED Collection featured artworks created by Daisy and reimagined by Murkani into elevated pendant necklaces to be worn everyday.

The pieces in this collection represented connection and were a celebration of our relationships with Mother Earth, with loved ones here and passed, with each other and with those who care for us.

Combining Murkani's timeless quality, refined and feminine design ethos with the rich symbolism of Daisy's unique designs, the pieces in CONNECTED allured jewellery and art appreciators alike.

For every necklace sold from CONNECTED, $5 was donated to the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) to help increase the number of scholarship opportunities at their Partner Schools. AIEF defines success as First Nations students' completion of Year 12 and a successful transition to further tertiary studies or employment.


This powerful collaboration involved a whole team of creative people including not only Daisy, but also Left Bank Art Group, their graphic designer, the laser cutter, professional aircraft painter and the Little Wings team!

Little Wings is a non profit organisation providing free, safe flights & ground transportation to seriously ill kids & their families from regional NSW and QLD to the nearest specialist medical centres and hospitals in city centres.

Their service bridges the gap in regional healthcare - particularly in the Indigenous community, which accounts for 30 percent of missions.

Many regional kids and families must travel very long distances to receive care, travel is costly, fatiguing and with one parent often out of employment whilst caring for a seriously ill child, there's a huge financial strain on the family.

Daisy donated her artwork because she wants all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, families and communities to feel they are recognised, welcomed and represented, and to help break down barriers that prevent our people from seeking support or services to do with their health.


Daisy collaborated with Scrub Turkey to create custom scrubs, a stylish and unique uniform for a range of industries. These pieces were 100% locally designed, printed and made on the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and Brisbane.


Daisy collaborated with Emro Designs to feature three of her artwork designs as part of their 2022 wallpaper collection.


Daisy collaborated with INSTITCHU to create a custom suit lining for their tailor made suit services featuring 'Seaside Healing.'


Daisy's artwork was licensed in collaboration with Annabel Trends for a lifestyle range of consumer products. The range was released in early 2022.

The range included:
 - Picnic mat, beach towel and bag, water bottle and various Australian made linen items including a table cloth, apron and more.


Daisy's has featured her artwork on a range of teacher products and educational aides as part of a collaboration with Australian Teaching Aids. ATA also commissioned Daisy to create a collection of custom, original animal designs and symbols. 

The two collections are "Country Connections" and "Rainbow Dreaming".

It has been our honour and privilege to collaborate with Daisy on two beautiful classroom collections, Country Connections and Rainbow Dreaming, which will forever be close to our hearts.

Not only is Daisy an exceptionally talented artist, she is masterful in her ability to communicate her culture through her art and writing. Each piece of artwork that Daisy presented moved us. It moved us to want to learn her culture, to have it represented in classrooms across the country, and to have gratitude to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of the past and present who have nurtured this unique land we call home.

Daisy was a wonderful collaborator who humbly shared her immense creativity with us. Where we misunderstood any aspects of her culture, or had missteps, she gently, patiently guided us in the right direction. Through this simple, yet powerful act she showed the importance of dialogue in cultivating understanding between cultures.

We are deeply grateful to Daisy for partnering with us on an incredible, vast collection of educational products that have become beloved staples in so many schools, daycare centres, homes, and offices across Australia.

Daisy, you are an inspiration and a delight. Thank you for collaborating with us. We look forward to creating more wonderful collections with you.