SAMPLE SALE 'She is the Sun' iPhone 12 Pro Case *Scratched

SAMPLE SALE 'She is the Sun' iPhone 12 Pro Case *Scratched

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**Please check your phone model BEFORE placing your order! For Apple iPhone: Go to Settings, General, About, Model Name. Your iPhone model name is the same as the phone case you need to purchase. Returns/exchanges will not be accepted.**

*Sample phone case. Minor fine scratches. Sales are final. No returns.

Snap fit mobile phone case featuring Daisy's signature artwork titled 'She is the Sun.'

Material: Polycarbonate

Durable, light weight & snug fitting design which wraps around the edges of your phone.

Front bezel protects screen from contacting surface while facing down.

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Free shipping in Aus - please allow approx 10 days for delivery. *No P O Boxes accepted sorry.

'She is the Sun'

This artwork represents the sun spirit. In Aboriginal culture it is believed the sun is a woman and the moon is a man. It was the work of the sun spirit to rise each day and give new life using her light and energy. The story belongs to her of creating the ocean and all the rivers by melting the ice with her warmth. She is our mother in the sky and with each sunrise she gives us new hope and opportunity and with each sunset we can be grateful for the day that has been. She is the source of all life, our most powerful healer, she is the sun.